Monday, February 6, 2017

3 ways to save on your household budget

 I am a firm believer in reviewing what I pay for household bills on a monthly basis to make sure they  have not added any hidden fees or just increased the bill for no reason. Even if you do not track your budget on a monthly basis taking steps to keep track of how much your spending and making sure that number does not increase is very important to me. Below I will give you some tips on what to watch out for.

1. Cable Bill: No matter what I do I can't bring myself to completely cut the cable, but even thought I keep paying for it, that does not mean I want to overpay. So at least once a year I have to spend about 30 minutes to an hour taking to reps from Time Warner about why my bill has to increase eventhough   I am not receiving any extra channels or services. This is very frustrating and eventually I will just let it get cut off and add internet service back with another company.

2.  Cell Phone Bill: The #1 thing to remember when dealing with any company is that there is always room for negotiation when there is competition. Multiple times I have been able to get my cell phone bill lowered just by calling and asking what the can do for me. My wife actually got it lowered over $20.00 the last time it was lowered while also doubling the amount of data we were getting. So don't be afraid to ask usually they are willing to lower your bill to keep you as a customer.

3.  Utilities: Household utilities aren't something I have tried to negotiate but I believe you can still try to trim cost here by doing a few different things.
    One of the things I have done is change all my light bulbs in my house to the new more energy efficient light bulbs. This definitely has cut my power bill down by a bit.
  Another thing to do to lower your electric bill is to make sure you are washing full loads whether it be clothes or dishes this will cut down on the power you are using.

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